Welcome Back and Hang on Tight….

Welcome back to school!  It’s been over a month and this year is already flying by and full of craziness!  I finally uploaded photos of my classroom from the beginning of the year when it was shiny and clean!  We have been busy lately and I’ll post more lessons and photos of work in progress soon!  I promise to keep up with posts in the future.

Here is a view of my art room:

ImageMy whiteboard with new posters… I have been a busy girl on Pinterest and have found many things to adapt to my room!  Love the Mona “Lisa” poster… I adapted it from here: https://naea.digication.com/wscottrussell/Show_me_the_Mona_Lisa

Thank you Mr. Russell!  I get the kids attention by saying “Mona” (sometimes in a sing songy voice) and they say “Lisa” back to me.  Then they should look like Mona Lisa… quiet mouths, hands still, eyes on me!  It’s worked great so far and we even had our Pinswheels for Peace event and I did it there and the WHOLE school did it back!  It was fabulous!  I finally feel like i have something that works for me!



Here is a close up of my front demo table.  This is a rolling table that has shelves in front.  I put all my shared materials there for each project.  I have 2 buckets with chalkboard paint labels on the front (from Target dollar spot) with “Sharp” and “Dull” on them.   The purple tray is an ice cube tray that I use for my erasers.  I can keep track of them and see when one is missing before dismissing the kids!  I have had to replace only one because of someone chopping it up 😦  Otherwise, they are accounted for and I can hide the whole tray if I have a sub (sorry but that’s when they get ruined!  I leave old ones out for those days). 


ImageHere’s another view of my demo table… See that Pooh Bear toy bin?  Well it was donated to me. I have plans to repaint it eventually, but for now, I have magazines in there! I sit on it for storytime with Kinders and 1st graders.  I roll the demo table away and pull out my carpet to use for them to sit on. The BIG erasers were a fun find at the Dollar Store near my school!  They are huge and HEAVY!  The kids love them!


ImageThe bulletin board with all my color wheel and color theory information.  Again, another inspiration from Pinterest.  Here’s the original link: http://mrspicassosartroom.blogspot.com/2011/08/im-thief.html

It wasn’t the original poster but I couldn’t get to the link on this page.  Oh well.. .whoever thought of using paint chips first for values… THANK YOU!



This is my desk area.  Last year I was in my office space but it became cluttered and I was feeling claustrophobic.  So, out the desk, filing cabinets and personal stuff came.  I have this back area that is a little alcove. It has ONE sink but is hidden and I don’t like to have kids back there without supervision because they get all the paper wet!  So, I blocked it off with my desk and added an old side table and lamp because the lights are on a motion sensor and go off if I’m sitting during lunch or prep.  So, I have a college floor lamp back there.  It’s quite cozy and wonderful!  I love it! I covered my filling cabinet side with wrapping paper and added magnets for another spot for display or notes.





Two more posters on my walls!  Love the tattling vs. reporting poster and art Teacher parking near my desk!




A view of my classroom from my desk… So clean and shiny! Tables seat 4 students and are labeled by color.  I have corresponding colored bins and table folders for work in progress. 






View from the front to the back.  See below for my bulletin board that was inspired by this post: http://media-cache-lt0.pinterest.com/upload/176273772885417725_np6iFYT0.jpg




I used paint samples that were donated (they were in binders) and it took me a couple hours to staple them all up.  I think I’ll leave it up for a good long time!!!   I used my Cricut Expression to cut the letters.  It brings such color and fun to the room! I really love my room and it’s so organized and wonderful to be in! Lots of new projects inspired by pinterest items and my own design! 


5 responses to “Welcome Back and Hang on Tight….

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  3. Hi there- I love your organized art room. I see this post is from 2012, but if you are still reading comments on here, I’m wondering where you purchased the Elements of Art signs under your clock- I would love them for my classroom 🙂 Thank you!

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