Summer Professional Development… Pinterest?

We have 4 more weeks of summer vacation now and I’m starting to panic!  By this time, I usually have lots of ideas for classroom decoration and have started working on them, but our building is not ready yet.  We are having roof repairs and it is holding up the custodians.  Apparently parts of the building are inaccessible.  They have reduced custodial staff as it is so it’s got to be hard!  I am anxious to get into my room and start sizing it up and moving things around.  I am thinking of turning my office into the computer “lab” and portfolio storage space.  I also want to get bulletin boards up that have “word” wall, vocabulary, and maybe a fun “graffiti” style wall that kids can add drawings to when time allows.

But I digress…. Where do I get good ideas for my classroom and the coming year’s curriculum?  PINTEREST of course!

Here are some of the ones I’ve PINNED for use this year:

1) I’ve been looking for portfolio storage ideas and this may work if I can find a place to store 7 large boxes.

2. I used to do this with the letters but I think the meaning got lost… I love the visual here!

3. Art Odd Jobs – There are ALWAYS jobs that need doing throughout the year.  I am determined to keep on top of them and have the kids do some of them.  They do love to help!  I’m thinking … sharpening colored pencils, weeding out dried up markers, labeling work, refilling watercolor pots, etc…

I like this one too:

4.  Cute idea!


5. Facebook bulletin board for artist intros!

6. Handmade wipes… I started using wipes with Kinders and 1st graders to cut down on sink time wasters and discipline issues there… I must spend a fortune on wipes!  These are paper towels and empty coffee containers.  Now I must find some of those containers!

7.  Open House activities for the art room… Compliment card for parents or visitors to leave for their child’s portfolio.  If I can be organized with the portfolios then I can have them out for parents to see with their child!

Sorry it’s sideways… it was like that on the blog.

8. No Name?  Well, I will hang it up for all to see and claim!  I  had a bin but no one looked in it… this will be hard to miss!

9. Assessments… Sigh.  This is always an issue.  We are going to start giving art grades on the trimester report card so I need an easy assessment for grades 3-6.  I also want to do this with 2nd grade but not for a grade but more like a check list.  Visual and easy!

10. Reward… birthdays and special awards… Handmade crayons from discarded crayons.  There is always an overabundance of crayons.  I am going to make a bunch (in the shape of stars or tiny people) to hand out when a student has a birthday or other special occasion. No more candy or junk prizes!

That’s my top 10 favorites so far!  I have pinned LOTS of ideas for projects and curriculum too… If you want to follow me on Pinterest, I’m here:

Happy Pinning!  Link me up with your fun finds in the comments here!


2 responses to “Summer Professional Development… Pinterest?

  1. I love this post! Pinterest is totally my summer PD…haha. I love the art jobs sign up, and the no name clips. I too want to do the Facebook bulletin board. So many great ideas. Please share again if you end up using them in your class.

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