NYSATA Conference


I’m in Rochester, NY presenting 2 workshops at my State Association’s annual conference.  This conference is entitled “Arts IS The Common Core”.  I attending the APPaRt Pre-Conference workshop yesterday about the APPR process (teacher Evaluations) and Student Learning Objectives… how I feel about this process and assessments is best saved for another post!  It was depressing but empowering at the same time.  All of us around the state feel the same way about it and have similar concerns for the future of our programs. I met some lovely people there and had some great conversations!  I even went to dinner with two of them and we didn’t talk about it AT all then, just drank wine and talked about ourselves!  Wonderful and relaxing!

I am presenting a workshop “Ceramic Celebration” which gives lots of ideas about how to use clay in the Elementary and Middle level classroom!  Many projects… I have the bin that weighs a ton to prove it!  Here is my QR code to my presentation on my school website:


I have to go set up my workshop and hang student artwork now but I will post photos later!  I also have a workshop this evening, Mixed Media Madness, in which participants will embellish a tote with Faber-Castell products and have a good time doing it!  I think I will have a full house!  More to come!


3 responses to “NYSATA Conference

  1. I love you “color” bulletin board and plan to use a version this year. Did you get the “info” cards some where or make them yourself? Are they just the definition of the art terms that apply to color. The image is too blurry to see. Thanks, Julie

    • I got the images online… I think I found them on pinterest! I will post where as soon as I find it! I used color samples from Lowe’s for the value colors and got the paintbrush and buckets from a bulletin board set from Staples. The color wheel is made by me. I painted each color using the paint I use with the kids and cut out the circles (I traced a lid) and created the wheel. I had it laminated too!

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