6th Grade Legacy Mural

I started a new tradition in our school this year.  I want our 6th graders to leave something artistic behind for other’s to enjoy as they move on to the middle school next year.  So, this year, I hired an artist friend and retired art teacher to help me out with this endeavor.  I planned to have the 6th graders paint a mural in the cafeteria/ auditorium.  It’s a blank canvas waiting to have artwork adorn the walls. I knew I wanted something colorful,positive and nature related.  Deb Dahlin, our visiting artist, came up with an idea based on my needs.  She made a sketch of the wall and created a gorgeous mural based on the four seasons of our area.  We decided whimsical trees would be the focus.  Lots of details were added to each tree.  She sketched the mural out on the wall and then the kids painted it!  They really did most of the painting but Deb added animals, words (from lists that the kids brainstormed in class), and other shading details.  It was so exciting to see the progress.

We used acrylic paint and I bought little cups with lids and foam brushes (Thank you Hobby Lobby- 50 pack for $5.99).  I also had smaller brushes available. The little cups allowed us to mix colors and kids could hold on to them while painting to avoid drips from too much paint on a brush.  We did have a little incident of spillage but it wasn’t the kids that did it!  YIKES!  Deb got splattered when a cup fell just right and paint came straight up  onto her face!



ImageWe took photos as we went and I put together a time-lapse of the mural.  I set up a camera on a tripod on the opposite side of the room and had a student snap photos every 30-40 seconds. Unfortunately, there were a few times that the battery died or we just forgot to click photos and so the changes just jump in. Oops… still cool!

Here are a few in-progress photos.ImageImage

ImageImageImageImageBuddy the cat makes an appearance chasing butterflies!






I’ll have the finished panoramic photos later when I get the tables moved back to photograph!!



3 responses to “6th Grade Legacy Mural

  1. Love your great idea and energy! What a memorable opportunity for the students and the school.Win win! Wondering if I can use your blog banner on a FB post for our local Seekonk Artist Network group? We are having an artist meet and greet in town and would love to use the “got art?” logo. Thanks for considering!

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