One month in…

ImageIt has been a fast and furious start to school.  We opened seemingly early this year (at least if felt like it) and I started right off with Pinwheels for Peace.  It’s our 4th  year participating in this collaborative project.  It’s always satisfying to have to whole school making pinwheels to plant outside in celebration of the International Day of Peace on September 21st.  Since that fell on a Saturday this year, we planted them on Monday, September 23rd.  It also falls right before our Curriculum Night so I wanted to leave them outside for a couple nights.

I decided that  I would have them laminated at our district’s lamination dept.  I sent our first batch and waiting, as I finished the second batch (I have 20 classes that I had to finish them with), I thought I’d call and let them know the next batch was coming and check on the first one.  Well… Apparently she was 2 weeks behind!  WHAT???!!!  I needed them in 1 week!  So, I talked to my Principal and researched outside costs on lamination.  WHOA… I was shocked at how expensive that can be!  Finally, my Principal called them and got us pushed to the front due to time limits!  I was so relieved and bless her, we got them in time, but I had to take them home to cut, punch holes, and assemble most of them.  It was exhausting!  Next year, I will have them completed in ONE class by keeping it simple and using colored paper instead and call ahead to let them know ahead of time.


Anyway, it was a wonderful day full of togetherness, tolerance, and Peace.  I delivered buckets of pinwheels to all the classrooms except those that have special area at the end of the day.  We all went outside with our Pinwheels at 2:30pm and marched to a peace song around the parking lot and front circle.  Then we planted our pinwheels and sat around the peace sign.  My Principal spoke of peace, understanding, respect and responsibility.  I then spoke of our community and read a poem of peace that was written by a student in Nepal.  It was a beautiful day!  There were news cameras there and I got on 2 channels that night and have 2 newspapers there to write articles!  YAY!

Here are some photos of the day…




CIMG3591We even presented a check to the area food bank from last year’s Empty Bowls event!  It was awesome to have a representative be able to come out to accept the check and celebrate with us.


CIMG3595This is a great project and a way to get your whole school involved!  It’s become tradition in our school and one that everyone looks forward to!


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