Getting Ready!

ImageI stopping into school last week for a summer School Excellence Team meeting (we set scheduling, make building decisions, talk about new initiatives for the year, and make decisions about professional development funds usage) and had to fire up my kiln with all my summer class clay artwork because the high school kiln was not working.  I was stressed but I think it worked out great.  My kiln is awesome and the pieces came out great!  But in the time I was there, after the meeting, I checked out my room.  I left the above plan for my custodians to follow.  Mostly they arranged my furniture the way I planned. I might make a few changes but the bones of the room are set. I have a ton to do in regards to “prettying” up the place!  In the final 2 weeks of summer break, I am putting some of Pinterest ideas into action!  I will share some when I finish them!

In our SET meeting, we discussed a universal matrix for behavior expectations throughout the school.  I found a post on The Art of Education site that mirrored what we discussed!  I used this general matrix to design my classroom expectations.

ImageIf you go to The Art of Education link, you can download a blank matrix.  I am excited that the whole school will have a similar language and expectation set.  We liked the PBIS language but agreed that it is overwhelming to follow as they prescribe.  Not everyone likes the reward system, myself included.  I use ClassDojo in my classroom and can tie positive behaviors with this expectation list.  I used to do tickets, bucks, and reward charts, but they were hard to manage and I got lax in them. I use this on my iPad and laptop/ overhead projector every single day with every class!  It’s gotten to be habit and easy & fun to use!

I’m working on my Scope and Sequence for the year too.  Here is a peek on my projects/ grade levels.  They are not complete yet and of course, I adjust based on timing and unexpected things that pop up.  I arranged it by grade level and month.  Some projects spill into longer time period blocks due to complexity and amount of time I see them.


Here is a blank one for you to use!  BlankSS

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!


3 responses to “Getting Ready!

  1. hello,
    I am Monic, an Art teacher in Italy in a small city ” Vicenza”, near Venice,
    can you send me the table of your work of art “Scope and Sequence” with links to Pinterest?
    Thank you so much so I have the active link.
    I am Monica

  2. I love your scope and sequence! Can you send me a pdf so I can pull some of the links? I am a new art teacher this year and kind of starting from scratch. We are a very small catholic school with only 80 students K-5th. Limited budget and resources — in fact last year was the first year our school had a dedicated art teacher….so really starting from scratch – ha! I love the pinwheels for peace project too – so doing that!! Thanks bunches, Penny

    • Here is my Scope & Sequence… I change it up a bit throughout the year depending on what happens or comes up.

      Let me know if you need anything! I remember what it was like to start with nothing! Good luck!

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