Family Bowl Making Night


This is amazing… the 2nd year that I’ve organized our Empty Bowls Dinner Event at my school and the response is incredible!  We have our Family Bowl Making night tonight and last time (2 years ago), we had 20-25 families come to make a bowl.  It wasn’t too crazy but  this year we have…. get ready for it…. 55 families coming to make a ceramic bowl together!!!  Holy Moly!  So, it’s been a bit hectic and wonderful!  I am so excited to stand on that stage and have 55 families / over 200 people creating artwork together!  Clay really does bring the community together!   I promise to share photos after it’s all over.

I’ve done a lot of organizing, pre-rolling slabs of clay on muslin pieces to separate them in stacks.  I learned from last time that you shouldn’t stack slabs of wet clay together with 30 of them because they STICK!  Doh..  So this year I got smart.  Easy to transport and easy to hand out!  Bins of texture tools, lace, styluses for cutting or drawing, and letter stamp sets will be shared at cafeteria tables.  It will be a busy hour of creating but I can’t wait to see the looks on people’s faces as they work together to create a treasured family artwork!  YAY!

I’ll update soon!


4 responses to “Family Bowl Making Night

  1. What a GREAT idea! What is the process? I get that the families are making slab bowls, but are you using plaster moulds, or other moulds? Are you then having them underglaze before you clear glaze? I’m in need of some advocacy, and would love to spear head something like this at our school, especially for such a good cause. Thanks!

    • Thanks! I have families work together to press textures into the clay slabs. I have bins of rubber stamps, lace pieces, doilies, texture plates and other mark making tools for them to share and use. Once they create the textures they want, they use a large 12″ paper plate as a template and cut around it with a tool. I use empty large yogurt or sour cream containers in the center and flip it over to drape down. They can shape the edge in a ruffled manner or allow it to take the shape gravity chooses 😉 I have them stamp or write their family name into the bottom (either inside the bowl or outside) of the bowl. I allow them to dry, fire them and then have families back in a couple weeks (or have kids glaze in class) to glaze the bowls. The bowls are then fired again and will be ready to pick up at the Empty Bowls dinner event. I had a slideshow with steps for participants to view. I had teachers help me pre-roll slabs and had them stacked with fabric between them for easy distribution! It went so smoothly!

  2. I would love to do this in my school… Do you take clay off the paper plate/yogurt containers before they dry? Ive done slump bowls before but had issues with them cracking so now I wait 2 hrs or so then take them off… any tips? I would love to see the powerpoint you made. THANKS!

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