NAEA Highlights…

Me Driving in the City!

Here I am driving in the City with my GPS freezing up just when I need it most!  It was working perfectly the entire way from Syracuse to NYC until I turned off the highway onto 57th street.  I was freaking out!  By the time I got it working again, I was shaking… I guess I’m not a city driver! SCARY!

Me in front of Brancusi... at the MoMa

I did get there safely and went to a workshop and then off to the MoMa down the street.  OMG… this is my favorite museum of all time!  Seriously, the quality of work , the artists, the way you can get LOST in the work and galleries.

Picasso's "3 Musicians"

Monet's Waterlilies

A close up of the waterlilies!

Persistence of Memory - Way smaller than I thought...

My favorite painting... Starry Night!

Radio City Rockettes? Just silly art teachers!

So many inspirational presentations!  Wish I had photos of me presenting, but the room was packed!  They were even out in the hall listening.  I was in my element!  Speaking about Visual Journaling and showing off my students work! What a thrill!  So many art teachers excited about it and wanting to speak to me and ask me questions afterwards… I was so happy it went well.  I love sharing my projects, experiences, and talking to others about possibilities!  My inspiration for creating this year long project in Studio in Art was Michael Bell and he was there! Well, not at my workshop (at least I think he wasn’t), but at the conference. I got shut out of his workshop due to numbers but he was the first visual journaling artist I found and got ideas from.  I wish I had gotten a chance to talk to him and thank him!

There were other art teachers that I took workshops from about Common Core Learning Standards (in which most agreed was another thing that is threatening the arts), journaling, assessments, and digital communities. There were fun events, dinner, museums, and lots of friends!

Drawn Together- traveling journals in Alberta, Canada

Inside of the book

A pair of presenters from Alberta, Canada presented Traveling Journals in a project called DRAWn together.  Very inspiring!

It was a great weekend and I can’t wait to go back there when it comes back around to NYC!


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