New Year, New Projects!

It’s been so long since I’ve updated! The last one was OCTOBER???  Sorry!  I have had a lot going on personally and professionally.  Most all has resolved itself and the rest will just happen when it happens!  Some great things are happening in our school (and some things that we have no control over)… but in all this, the art classes are producing amazing work! I’ll share a few of my in-progress projects and one complete project today… I’ll save a few more to share more consistently!

Here are some in progress photos of kids working on art:

Picasso portraits

This project is inspired by Picasso’s portraits.  We looked at many of his portrait drawings and paintings and discussed how he used both a side and front view of the face all in one!  So we drew a front view for half the face and a side view for the other half.  They then added other details for the portrait and divided the page using 3 lines.  We looked at Picasso’s use of primary colors in some of his work.  Students used oil pastels to create a painterly look to their pieces.  They could chose a primary color scheme or other color combinations.  They could also add patterns to the spaces in the face or background.

Next up are some works in progress of my 6th graders.  Right before the holiday break, we started Zendalas. They were introduced to Zendoodling or Zentangles.  We watched a short video clip from Milande.  I love this clip and the kids really get it after seeing one made from start to end. I make a slideshow of examples and pattern practice.  They were to be silent working and could not erase (they used a thin and medium tip Sharpie).  The goal was to create a circular design that is divided up with lines and patterns… just go with it and let it flow.  If you make a mistake, you change it into something else.  The kids LOVED this!  They brought me tons of them outside of class.  They were silent for 35 mins of the class and highly focused!  We took digital photos of the work and then added color to the original for a different look.  It was perfect for the stressful time around the holidays and the teachers loved it too.  They came to ask me how I did it… the kids asked to do these during down time in their classrooms!  Win for everyone!

Start by tracing a circle with marker...

Divide up the circle any way you want and start filling in with patterns.


Another in progress

I don’t have photos of the finished work with color yet.  I will post those another day when I can get a moment!  I promise to update a bit more often!


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