Pinwheels for Peace


It’s been a long while since I’ve posted.  I’ve been super busy with the start of the year and the last month has FLOWN! We did our 2nd Annual Pinwheels for Peace this year on September 20th.  The International Day of Peace is Sept. 21st, but we had our Parents Night (Back To School Night) the night before so I wanted the pinwheels to be on display that night for all to see.  More exposure!  So we really raced along with our designs and put them together quickly.  I changed things up a bit from last year.   First, we used straws and skewers instead of pencils.  The pencils were too short last year and the pinwheels dragged on the ground.  THey wouldn’t spin.  So, I used paper fasteners and long straws.  No more points or sharp edges!  YAY!  It required me to do most of the assembling but it went fast.

I printed the template found on Pinwheels for Peace website with added quotes from famous peacemakers on the back.  This saved us from having to do both sides.  They just added color with permanent marker, colored pencils, or crayons on the front and could color the back if they finished early.  I had them printed on cardstock and didn’t laminate this year.  They only remained outside for one overnight instead of 4.  They were a bit wet in the AM from the dew but not bad! Next year, I may do a different colored paper for each grade level.  I also added stickers on them ahead of time with their name and homeroom teacher for ease in handing out and handing back!  Went so smoothly!  YAY!

Here are a few photos from our parade, sing along, and pinwheel display:

Placing the pinwheels

Sing along to "Just GIve Peace A Chance"

If you like this project, check out the Pinwheels for Peace website for all the information and templates! Peace out!  I’ll be back later this week with some new projects to share!


4 responses to “Pinwheels for Peace

  1. What type of straw did you use? I feel like the common straw would be the same height as a pencil. Also, did you have the skewer in the ground and the students put the straw over it?

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