Welcome Back!

Our finished pinwheels waiting to be sorted and taken outside next week!

It’s been a crazy first week back to school.  We started on September 8th and this is our first full week back.  I’m busy having kids make pinwheels for the annual Pinwheels for Peace exhibit.  We will be placing our pinwheels outside in a big peace sign on Tuesday, Sept. 20th this year.  One day early .  Last year we did it on the International Day of Peace (9/21) and left them out for one week until Back to School night.  This year Back to School night is the night before the Peace day.  So, we are scrambling to get them done!  Some classes have only had ONE art class to do them in.  Not ideal but we are doing it.  A couple classes, I had to have them take them with them to finish… I hope I get them back!!!  That was not ideal either.  Oh well.

I thought I’d share some of the new things around my room. I must say that many of them have been borrowed from other blogs and especially from Pinterest.  If you don’t know about Pinterest, you are missing out!  WOW… great inspiration and love that I can “pin” ideas to use later.

My tables are labeled with paint brush cut outs... colors with matching bins from Target!

My rotating supply bins for each table. I keep these off the tables until after I'm done with a demo or discussion.

Front of my room with my new whiteboard and Epson projector

I found this on Pinterest... STOP... is your name on that? My schedule and procedures.

My school is trying to be consistent throughout the halls and classrooms with voice level reminders.  I have this one that I made up for my classroom!  I love that I can visually remind them what noise level they should be at.  It’s working pretty well (except in 2 classes that are exceptionally chatty)!

Voice Level traffic light/ Art Room Rules

This next one I got from Phyl.  I love how she approaches grading for 6th grade.  I changed it to include 5th and 6th graders.  I also kept the number grades the same as our ELA and Core Standards grading chart. I am not thrilled with the number explanations but at least it is a start.  We are going to start grading on the official report card next year.  Good or bad, it is going to happen. I’m hoping it’s only for the upper grades and not the primary ones.  I’m really against grading K-3.  I am not grading based on skill level but rather on directions, completion, responsibility and effort.

5th and 6th grade Zone - grading explanations

Clean up is going to be more of a group effort this year.  Tables are in charge of cleaning up their areas.  I will dismiss each table as they are cleaned up and quiet.  I had jobs last year but it became one more thing for me to manage.  So, off they go!

Next week I get a student observer on Mondays!  I am excited to greet her and share what I do.  In January, I’m getting a student teacher too.  She sounds enthusiastic and very capable from her resume so I hope it’s a good experience for her.  I’m a bit nervous to hand over my classroom but at least some consistent rules and procedures will be established by then.  I’ll share more later… Pinwheels on Tuesday!


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