Japanese Cherry Blossoms with 1st grade!

It’s spring! Well, around here, it’s the wettest spring ever! Non-stop rain and restless kids. What’s a teacher to do? Well, a fun lesson with some fun kids! We looked at Sakura or Japanese Cherry Blossom trees in photographs. I talked about the significance of the trees and how they blossom about now in Japan and the US!

I was inspired by this lesson and adapted the idea in my 1st grade classes! I used watered down brown tempera paint in a squirt bottle. I went around after they wrote their names on the back of a white piece of paper and squirted a line of the brown paint on the paper. They used a straw to blow the paint across the paper to make branches.

We let them dry until next class.
We discussed tints and then I gave each table a palette with red and white tempera paint. The table of 4 kids mixed their paints to create the tint of pink that they wanted. They used Q-tips to paint the blossoms. Once they finished the pink, they mixed green tints too and made the leaves. They had a blast and their trees are gorgeous!


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