Kindergarten Pysanky

I didn’t plan this lesson to fall at Easter time but it so happened that it serendipidously did. I have two kids in my kinder classes that do not celebrate ANY holidays.  They are not allowed to participate in any holiday themed projects or lessons.  I have to be careful how I present a lesson. I don’t call this lesson an “Easter” lesson but we do briefly talk about how Pysanky is a traditional art of decorating eggs in the Ukraine and Russia that dates back before Easter was ever in existence.  We don’t talk about the religious symbols used but we do look at pattern, shapes, lines, and the colors that were used on the eggs.  I show them lots of examples.

We talk about modern artists that still create these detailed and delicate artworks. I read the book Reshenka’s Eggs by Patricia Polacco.  It’s a gorgeous book with a beautiful tale. Then, I passed out black paper and had the kids trace a large egg shape with construction paper crayons.  They divide up the egg into either stripes, quarters, or concentric shapes. Each space is filled in with shapes, lines, and design with color.  After they are done decorating the space with patterns, they cut the shape out and glue onto a pastel colored background.  While, I do not call these Easter eggs, many of the kids did.  I had to remind them that this is their version of Pysanky.

Here are some of the kids artworks:

I’d say they are rather sp”egg”tacular! Tee hee….


2 responses to “Kindergarten Pysanky

  1. Just an FYI, but the Russians do not have a tradition of creating pysanky. There are ethnically Ukrainian regions of current day Russia that have this tradition (Kursk region, Kuban), but they are the exception.


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