Catching Up

We are heading into our Mid-Winter break and it cannot come soon enough!!!  Thursday was our 100th day of school and kids were so excited!  We are more than halfway done.  How did that happen???

Anyways, here is a peek at some of the projects that we are working on at each grade level:

6th grade cutting out pieces

6th graders are making ceramic Greek facades.  They are learning about Greek architecture in Social Studies and I am enhancing that with a clay replica of Greek buildings. Students had to choose Doric, Ionic, or Corinthian style capitals and columns.  They designed rooflines and using coils, moulds, and slabs, they create the facade.  After it is fired, they will apply a clear glaze over the entire thing (the clay body is white) and make a mosiac design for the center with paper squares. Here are more photos of the process and some finished ones from last year:

Clay for coils

One mostly finished with decoration!

Finished facade

Another in progress artwork

On to 4th grade… we are making coil built bowls (2 each- one to donate, one to keep) for the Empty Bowls dinner event on March 29th at our school.

I start with a styrofoam bowl form and have them cut a base circle from a slab and then build coils around the edge of that so that it flares out in a bowl form.  They learned to score and slip properly to keep the coils together. Some smoothed the inside of the bowl while the outside stays coiled. They are small but very nice and when we add colored glazes, they will look fabulous!

A bowl in progress using spiral coils.

Smoothed out and finished

another bowl

3rd graders are making draped bowls with pressed leaves and flowers.  Since it is the middle of a very snowy winter, we are using leaf stamps or rubber replicas.  They can choose to cut the outlines out or cut a circle and drape it into a bowl form.

pressing leaves into slabs

Cutting the edge of the bowl

draped bowls drying

2nd graders are doing something similar to the 3rd grader only using textures to stamp into the clay.  Texture plates, stamps, shells, buttons, netting, lace, and other textures.  We had a family bowl art night recently and 24 families came to make a bowl with their students from all grade levels.  They made them exactly like the 2nd graders only used a larger plate as the template for the bowl edge.  They draped them over large yogurt or sour cream containers to form the bowl.

Here are some photos from that night:

Pressing textures in

Stamping in clay

It was a great night even if the weather was horrible… all of those families came to make art with their kids!!!  I was thrilled at the success of the evening!  We will do it again for sure! Thank you to all the teachers, PTCO, and my Principal for helping to make it work!  More photos later….


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