Man-Made Vs. Nature

I love this collage lesson for 2nd graders!  I have a powerpoint presentation about Nature vs. Man-Made items.  We discuss examples and the differences.  I then move into discussing how artists use each in their work.   Showing examples, we talk about the mood of those artworks.  On the first day, we create a watercolor background using brushstrokes and colors that illustrate the mood that we feel at the time.  Kids are very creative with their designs.  I stress that these should NOT be “pictures of something” but rather use line and colors or shapes only.  They generally get it.  The second class we cut images out of magazines that are of something man-made that represents the shape of a body part.  They are to find things that are NOT human, animal, plant or nature!  It’s hard but once they get it, they have a blast finding items that might represent an arm or a head. They had a great time gluing the pieces together in a figurative stance!

Here are some photos of them working:

Here are some of the finished artworks!


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