Today was one of those days that you wish you had just stayed in bed!  It was a rough one!  The morning went fine… my older kids were fabulous!  They got lots done and cleaned up well.  BUT, the afternoon with 3 kindergarten classes in a row was brutal! They are all wired up and it was a struggle to get through 2 steps of the project that I thought would be fairly easy.  However, it turned out that this great seasonal project was a nightmare with this group!  I got this adorable lesson from here to make crows with traced hands.  Okay, so I generally don’t like the “tracing” crafty lessons, but this one was so cute and I had not done anything with the Kinders to add to our sunflower field display so I thought it might be really good for the tracing and cutting skill building.  I guess I overestimated their skill.  Tracing hands is okay but the cutting was sooooo hard!  Most did okay but there were the few that had a VERY hard time cutting it out and then got very frustrated and either quit or whined and cried.  The first class was a chaos!  I was running around helping some of those that are less competent and dealing with some less than happy kids.  It was not a fun time!  By the time they left, I had the next group coming in.  Things went better in the beginning, but this class is full of different personalities.  There are some that are very defiant and they love to tattle and be nasty to each other.  It is maddening…. I was so fed up with teh tattling, whining, and general refusal to try to do their own work, that I had them clean up early and put their heads down.  I was so frustrated!  When their teacher came, I told her what had happened and she had them lose some recess.  I’ve never had to stop class and end art early before in ANY grade level!  This was bad!  Was the lesson too hard?  Or is it the full moon ?  Am I off on my A-game today?  What’s the deal?  I feel so wiped out after today!  I need to regroup and now that we are almost finished with the project, or at least half way finished, I feel the need to complete it next class… arghhh. Ever have one of these days?  I hope I’m not the only elementary art teacher that has had a seemingly fun, easy, and seasonal project go awry. Now, that I’m home and thinking about it, I guess it’s not the end of the world and anyways, I might have to call in tomorrow due to my little one possibly getting sick. He is coughing and all congested.  I think I need to write up some sub plans and head to bed before today gets any worse!  There is always the next time!


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