A little post to share a few bits of fun that I found…

1) I share a birthday with President Obama!  Happy Birthday Mr. President and Mrs. Matott… LOL!   August 4th!

2) I LOVE this song!!!  It’s so catchy and fun!

If that doesn’t have you singing and clapping I don’t know what is the matter with you!  I will be singing this one all day!

3) Check out this cool blog I found while surfing for new ideas:


It’s a blog that has artist’s info and photos on it!  Great resource!

4) Totally inspired by this artist too…  Sally Mankus .  OMG… her photos that are transferred onto pot lids are fabulous!  I must figure out how she does that!  AWESOME!


Okay, now it’s raining out and I’m going to try to get some artwork at least started today.  Let’s see if the kids let me!


One response to “Ramblings

  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog, There’s a Dragon in my Art Room. I certainly agree about tracers or stencils that the kids make – that’s a lot different than what I’m referring to. I’m sure if you are reading enough blogs, you’ve seen them.

    Actually, I’m very interested to hear what you do with tracers for your Op art Bridget Riley lesson – I’ve been thinking about doing something with her as motivation this year and would love to see your idea.

    Also, I looked at your curriculum map (I do something similar) and am curious about your Dippity Dye leaves. Someone left me some Dippity Dye and it has sat around for a while unused. I need an idea!!

    Finally, I wasn’t surprised that you were in NY state. I recognize your name from NYSATA. I’m usually at the conferences, and have been presenting workshops for a while. It makes it hard for the board to refuse to let me go, if I’m representing the district as a presenter! If you are in Rochester for this year’s conference, we’ll have to introduce ourselves to each other somehow!

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