Nothing like the last minute!

It’s pretty much the end of the school year for us and I’m still finishing clay projects!!!  YIKES!  What was I thinking???  With all the sick days (mine and the kids), field trips, and changed schedules, we just got behind!  So, now 6th grade and 2nd grade is working on clay projects!  I have finished clay with K, 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 4th(mostly- except glazing).

Here are a few of those in progress:

Kindergarten has finished their turtle sculptures.  They learned about turtles and tortoises.  They were very excited to design their own turtle variety with designs, color and clay!

Turtle (without paint)

Another turtle

We started with a ball of clay and then pinched and pulled gently to create a neck and head.  They then designed the legs or flippers (if it was a sea turtle) with the same method.  The shell was decorated with stampers, drawing tools, and modeling tools.  After they were bisque fired, we painted with tempura cakes.  Very colorful and fun!  I’ll post photos of the finished ones as soon as my camera is charged…:)

1st grade project- Rainbow fish

Finished fish sculpture

rainbow fish

front view of fish

We started with a flat slab of clay and a crumple roll of newspaper inside.  They took both ends of the clay and brought them together at the top to form the top fin and pinched together.  Then, they pinched the end to create fins.  Adding lines with modeling tools and stamping tools, they created texture.  The mouth was smoothed and side fins were cut from extra clay slabs and added with score/slip technique.  Underglazes were used for the coloration.

3rd grade- African Inspired Masks

We made masks with slabs of clay and plastic face forms.  Make sure you put plastic wrap or other barrier between plastic form and clay otherwise it will stick!  Here is a photo of it in-progress.


glazing masks

Finished photos to come!


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