Step Into Impressionism

I have a love for Impressionism and when an amazing exhibit came to the Everson Art Museum, I couldn’t wait to take our 4th graders to see it.  Our district has all 4th graders visit this museum each year.  It just so happens that this year we had a world class exhibit to show them… Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Renoir, Daumier, Turner, and more!  The Turner To Cezanne exhibit was amazing and only traveled to 4 cities in the USA so we were so fortunate to have one right here in our city!  For some of these kids, this will be their only museum experience (I hope not) and I know it was a memorable one.

Here is a lesson that I adapted from a fellow art teacher who does a similar one with her kids.  I wanted to introduce my 4th graders to digital art and using Photoshop Elements.  I taught them how to use layers by dragging their photograph into one of the paintings to make it look like they stepped into the artwork.  They learned a bit about how the program works and also wrote Haiku poems to go along with the artwork they chose.

Here are some examples:

This was a great introduction to Photoshop and they did a great job!


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