SNOW DAY!!! (and some past artwork)

Yesterday and today brought ALOT of snow!  So we have had 2 days off for snow days!  That is heavenly to teachers and students alike.  Even though we love school, it’s nice to stay in Pjs and relax at home too.  I’m using the time to get caught up on posting work to my websites.  I’ve  been so behind!  So, this was a nice opportunity to be able to do it semi-uninterrupted.  I am a mommy so I’ve been interrupted by my kids at home but at least I can sit with my laptop and do some work while they play.

Pattern Snakes

I’d like to share another project that I’ve done with my 1st and 2nd graders.  It’s a lesson on lines, shapes, colors, and patterns.  Since I’ve been out sick for many days the last few months, I left this lesson with a few subs.  It’s worked out great!  Here are the steps:

Step #1

The first step... draw a spiral.

Start in the middle of the paper with a pencil and draw a spiral ending with a snake head that connects to the spiral! I have them outline with Sharpie for a nice look.

Step #2:

Step #2

Divide up the spiral with lines for sections

I had the kids divide up their snake with lines that go from one outer line to the next.


Step #3

Add patterns and colors with marker

Now they add shapes and lines to create patterns in each section.  Encourage repetition of shapes within the blocks and unique patterns for each block!  Color combinations can be discussed too!

Here are some images of my students at work and final artworks:

Drawing the patterns

Adding color

Chase's snake

Kendra's snake

Abby's snake

These were so fun and after they were done creating them, they cut them out along the spiral and we hung them so they spiraled down from the ceiling… this is a great lesson for color, pattern, and they look great!


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