Back to Work…

We are just coming back from a week long mid-winter break and I have to admit that I went in one day during my week off and cleaned up and organized.  I feel good that I did because I was feeling very overwhelmed!  I’ve been out 30 days this year… due to kids being sick, me getting sick, and doctor appointments (me and kids)!  That’s a lot of days being out of work.  I hate missing work! Seriously, it makes my life harder to be out.  So, I’m very behind in posting artwork, taking photos, and finishing projects.  I will share a few of my favorite lessons so far… I just handed back all of our artwork from the beginning of the year!

Simply Me!  Inspired by Paul Klee

Creating the background with squares of "bleeding" tissue paper.For this lesson, Kindergarten was introduced to Paul Klee (pronounced “Clay”) through a slide show of artworks and a discussion of his use of squares and simple shapes in his work.  They first created the background using “bleeding” tissue paper that was cut into 2″ squares and applied to the white paper with water.  When they dried, I shook them into a recycling bin!  Easy and fun!  The next class, they drew a face using simple lines and shapes with a pencil and then outlined that with a black marker (you could do this step first with a Sharpie and then apply the tissue paper if short on time).  I played Greg Percy’s song “Mr. Klee” from Songs in The Key of Art CDs.  LOVE that man!  Fun songs that go along with art vocabulary and artists.

This is the artwork that I referred to when having them draw a face:

Here are some of the final results:

I love how they came out!  So fun! I’ll be back with more lessons to share…


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