SICK! Sub plans

Out Sick

I knew it was coming… I have little kids so it was bound to happen sooner or later.  Someone got sick AND then another one… now I’m waiting for it to take me down.  I can’t get sick!  I won’t!  LOL!  Well, I’ve been out 6 times this year so far (since September) not because I’ve been sick, but because my kids have been.  They were healthy ALL summer and now it’s time for payback.  Ear infections, viruses, flu scares… Oh MY!   So, what’s an elementary art teacher to do?  Have sub plans ready on the fly.  It’s maddening to come up with easy projects for substitutes.  You don’t know who you are going to get. Are they going to be an art person or not.  So, I have to make it dummy proof.  Keep it simple.

Here are a couple ideas:

Grid art

*A different pattern in each square using black marker or pencils.

* Op Art checkerboard patterns or shapes in each box and use complementary colors for shape and background .

* Quilt designs using markers, colored pencils, cut paper?

* Piet Mondrian art.  Easy linear and shape recognition.  Using primary colors.


* Kids LOVE this! It allows them to control what they want to do.  GIves subs a chance to see their personalities.

* Give them manila paper or newsprint and let them go at it with markers or any material that is easy and not too messy.

* I gave them a seasonal theme (which I never do in my curriculum) to work on.  This week it was Spooky faces/creatures and Spooky houses.

Scrap paper Collage

* Scrap paper is plentiful in my artroom.  I have lots of extras from cutting colored papers down for mats. So, I let them cut shapes, rip, and glue it into a collage of whatever they want.  Give them a black background or have them do mosiacs with the scrap paper.  Great for older kids!

I have scoured the internet for ideas and nothing ever really jumped out at me or was too complicated for my subs.  I have had great success with these ideas lately!  Stay healthy and keep creating!


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