Walk The Line!

Bulletin board display between the showcases

It’s fun coming up with things to do with my Kindergarten friends.  They are easily distracted, very active, and I have them at the END of the day.  That means they are tired, but hyperactive, hungry, and antsy!  Some are very cranky too.  SO, I have alot to do to entertain them and take up the 40 minutes that seems endless when you are dealing with Kindergarten age kids!  Here’s our first real project.  I talked to the classroom teachers and it was a general theme that the kids need to learn gluing skills.  Keep it SIMPLE silly… remember that?  KISS… Well, I apply that to this age group.  Keep it Simple & Silly!

I read the book, Harriet and the Roller Coaster by Nancy Carlson, first and it was a perfect book to read to this group!  They loved it!  It is a WILD ride with kindergarteners!!!

Harriet and the roller coaster book

Harriet and the roller coaster book

After the book, we talked about the shapes that roller coasters make.  How we might create a design for one and how to use the glue bottles.  I cut up strips of colored papers (copy paper in bright colors works great!) and used black 9″x 12″ construction paper as the base.  They each got one red, yellow, orange, blue, and purple strip. I demonstrated how to bend the end of the strips to create a “foot”(this makes the strip stand up better) and how to put the glue stick on the end of the foot.  I then told them to hold it down onto the black paper and count to 10 while holding it.  They created bends, curves, loop-de-loops, and even drew some riders on their artwork.  Here are a few pictures of the finished pieces drying.

One young roller coaster designer's work

One young roller coaster designer's work

They came out fun and EVERYONE was successful. They really got into it.  I even showed them how to fold accordian style.

How I displayed them

How I displayed them

I lined the back of the shelved showcases with sky blue paper and tissue paper clouds.  Then the roller coasters looked like they were in front of the sky.  Very cute!

Everyone loves to see them and my older kids are all moaning and groaning about how THEY want to do this project!


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