I had NO idea how much planning goes into an elementary art program! As a high school art teacher, I only had to plan for one grade level. Now, I’m planning for 7 grade levels! It’s insanity. If you think about it, that is 10-20 projects per year x 7 grades… that’s 70- 140 lessons! WOW! Some take one class period, some take 2-3 classes to complete. Kindergarten is the hardest to plan for because they take 5-10 mins. to complete most work and then they are done! So, I have planned to read a book in the beginning that relates to the project and then do the work and of course clean up takes forever with them.

I am also worried about being absent someday. It’s bound to happen soon as I have two little ones (one in kindergarten and one who is in daycare). So, the thought of leaving my classes and the crazy schedule in the hands of a stranger panics me beyond rationality. I’m trying to have emergency plans made up for each day and grade level. Something that will take 1-2 days in case I have to be out that long. It’s stressful to prepare to be out of the classroom. I am a bit OCD about my classroom and how I run it, so letting it go to someone else and knowing that when I return it is more work for me to get it all back in order just makes me nuts! So, I’ve been searching online for ideas for quick but authentic art projects to leave that are easy for a sub to manage and take minimal material prep. YIKES! I’ll be sure to share when I get that done. I will be bringing my camera to school this week to start taking pics of student work and kids working!


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