Classroom Sweet Classroom

I made it through my first week as an Elementary Art Teacher! I finally got my room in order (for the most part) and materials organized. I’m still working on some organizational things and lessons (scope & sequence), but I welcomed approximately 450 students to my room! They are all full of their own quirks and issues though they are so much more eager than my high school students were. They smile, ask great questions, want to share and be helpers, and give hugs freely. The last I am NOT used to. I am always taken back by their need to give hugs or seek positive reinforcement. I find I am much more comfortable here than I thought I would be. Maybe it’s the years of teaching art, my confidence in my subject area, or just the welcoming atmosphere of this building. Whatever it is, I like it. Even on the crazy “B” days, I am happy to be teaching. TIRED, but happy!

Here is a view of my classroom and “office” at it’s newly clean state.

Look at this space!

Look at this space!

Here is my view from the back of the room. I love the clean floors (which won’t stay that way!) and the nice arrangement of tables. See my 2 sinks? They are deep and very nice.

Another view

Another view

There are my nice storage shelves. I am using them to store in progress work! The tables are labeled by color and make it easy to set up! I have big handled bins for each table to hold materials for kids to share.

View from the other side

View from the other side

This is the view so you can see the back of the room. The back wall is alcoved and has a huge bulletin board for posting inspiration and displays! I love that! I have amazing storage space too. Lots of drawers, cabinets, and shelves. I’m so lucky to have that. I didn’t have that at the HS so I’m really happy about that!

My office

My office

Here’s my office space! Yes, I have an office. My predecessor designed the space and put in an office and I’m so glad she did! It’s my own private space when doing filing, computer work, or just resting between classes (yah right). I don’t spend alot of time here but I’m happy that I have a lockable area for my personal stuff.

So, my system is working and I will share when I get photos taken soon! We are busy creating around here and I have a huge school-wide display coming up!


3 responses to “Classroom Sweet Classroom

  1. Nice room!! Love the office space too!! Your room looks really new, is this a new school? Just curious, why did you which from HS art to elementary? Well anyways, welcome to elementary art, it’s a great place to be!!

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