Welcome to Got Art? blog!

This is a blog all about my adventures as an Elementary Art Teacher!  You will find many lesson ideas, examples, funny anecdotes, and just about anything that involves teaching art!  I love to share, as do most art teachers, and can’t wait to document my love of art here!

A little bit about me and my school.  I’m certified K-12 and just recently was moved to an elementary placement in my district due to low enrollment numbers in my high school.  After 12 years of teaching at the secondary level, I was the least senior in the HS.  So, off I went to a new building with new faces and new schedules!  I’m a bit overwhelmed with the positive atmosphere and happy people that surround me!  They have wholeheartedly welcomed me and I’m excited and a bit nervous to get started!  I taught at Liverpool Middle School (7th and 8th graders) for 7 years, Liverpool High School Annex (9th Grade only) for 5 years and am coming off of maternity leave.  It seems everytime I go on leave, I come back to a new building!  I think I’m done with that! LOL!

I have lots of fun lessons planned.  Some of which I’ve borrowed from other art teachers, some are adaptations of HS lessons, some are my own design!  I’ve gotten a grant or two for a few upper level lesson projects that I will share as we go along this year!  You can bet this will be an exciting year for me and my students.  I KNOW I will not be bored!  I may crawl into bed each night exhausted though!!!  Tomorrow is the first day back to school and I’m anxious, excited, and overwhelmed all at once!!!!! Come back and see what we have done this week and in the weeks to come!

Mrs. Matott


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